Letters and Certificates of Recognition and Appointments

Donghua University, Shanghai

Opening Ceremony

Guangzhou Fine Art Academy, Guangzhou

Visiting Professor, Abstract Sculpture Class

Visiting Professor Xian School of Architecture and Technology

Abstract Sculpture Class


“Cao Cao Cup, Bozhou International Sculpture Exhibition 2016”

Homage to Hua Tuo, Painted steel (black and red) 13’ x 4.5’ x 5’ was selected one of 28 sculptures from 498 (18 countries) Bozhou Anhui Province. Received Excellent Prize

Space 50 International Sculpture Exhibition, M50 Art Complex, Shanghai

The Third Silk Road International Exhibition, Xian National Museum

Visiting Professor Guangxi Arts Institute, College of Fine Art, Nanning

Abstract Class

Yungang International Art Exhibition of Buddhist Sculpture 

Listen to the Silence III, Rusted and polished stainless steel

The First Silk Road Dunhuang International Cultural Expo, Dunhuang, Gansu, China

Visting Professor Xian School of Architecture and Technology

Abstract Sculpture Class


Lan Wan Art Park, Qingdao 

Hi-tech industrial complex.  Vessels, polished stainless steel 300cm x 360cm x 250cm (10′ x 12′ x 8′)


“The Story of Wuhu City” The 5th Liu Kaiqu International Sculpture Exhibition, Wuhu, Anhui Province

Stainless steel, LED lights, solar panels.  450cm x 550cm x 500cm.  Received Excellence prize.

Xian Art Museum, Shaanxi Province

The 2nd Silk Road International Exhibition


Shanghai Exhibition


5th Abstract Class 


Huayi Diaosu Art Factory, Shandong


Suzhou Art, Design and Technology, visiting professor

Presentation of the Letter of Appointment as a Consultant for Suzhou Sculpture Association


Donghau University, Shanghai.  Professor Billy Lee was invited as a guest speaker to commemorate their 10th anniversary of their Masters Program.


4th Abstract Class

Sichuan Fine Art Institute




Qingdao Museum


Changsha City, “Reach for the Sky”. The sculpture is about 13X13 m and made of polished stainless steel, paint, glass and computerized LED lights. The glass floor is made up of three concentric circles of light and colour, which reflect, pulsate and radiate outwardly and independently of each other at differing times. The top circular disk has stars of varying sizes cut out of it which is also lit with programed, computerized LED lights to go on and off at different times, suggesting the twinkling of a night sky.



Hubei Museum of Art.  “Deconstruction and Reconstruction International Exhibition” Listen to the Silence III  Steel, polished stainless steel
Gallery in Huayidiaosu, Shandong housing a permanent collection of Billy Lee’s sculpture.


3rd Advanced Postgraduate Abstract Sculpture Program.

Professor Lee was invited to teach the 3rd Advance Postgraduate Abstract Sculpture Class in Beijing. The students continue to come from all over China and from different professional art backgrounds, which is one of the reasons why this co urse so successful.

Whilst in China, Lee was also awarded the “Excellence Prize” for his sculpture “Dream” made for the International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao

He is also a committee member and participant in the China Contemporary Abstract Sculpture Exhibition, held at Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan City. He continues to serve as a consultant for the National China Sculpture Magazine.


Public Art Commission

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Steele Creek Division Headquarters.

Canopy, is 11.5ft high x 8.5ft in diameter and is made out of 1.5” thick aluminum plate.

2012 Beijing

2nd Advanced Postgraduate Abstract Sculpture Program, Beijing.

This year’s class was primarily made up of artists and designers from the public sector, who either owned their own companies or work for one. Last year’s class was comprised of mostly post-graduate students engaged in teaching in higher education. The great thing about this course is its ability and the opportunity to accommodate and engage a diverse group of artists, educators, designers and architects. The history of abstract art, theory and critical inquiry takes place in Beijing and the making of sculptures at one of the largest factories in China, Shandong Province.




2011– China

Billy Lee spent over two months in China this summer teaching the first postgraduate master class on abstract sculpture. He was the lead foreign professor invited by the China National Sculpture Magazine and China Sculpture Professional Committee who sponsored this program. Students were selected and hand picked by the committee from all over China, most of whom were faculty members from various art academies and universities. The course culminated with Billy signing and awarding students certificates of completion, and an exhibition of over seventy sculptures as well as a forum discussing the condition of contemporary sculpture and art education in China. It was a lively discussion, as his course attracted many faculty members from the surrounding universities and academies as well as artists, theorist and critics. He has been asked to write articles for publication for the sculpture magazine.

Whilst in Beijing, Billy was also invited to participate in an International Sculpture Exhibition “Blue Symphony”, which took place in the coastal city of NanDaihe, which is the summer residence of the Chinese government.


2010- Beijing

Last year Billy attended the opening of the Beijing International Art Beinnale where his sculpture is included. He was also invited to present a paper “the influence of technical progress to the development of sculptural forms” at the 16th International China Sculpture Forum. All the papers presented will also be published in the National Sculpture Magazine of China.


Commission in Suzchou, China for the Intercontinental Hotel. The sculpture is a 3m high plate steel sculpture.

2010- Egypt

Invited to participate in the Cairo Biennale.

2010 Abu Dhabi International Sculpture Symposium, UAE (ADISS)

Billy Lee designed and fabricated a 20 foot diameter polished stainless steel sculpture with Arabic calligraphy, reflecting the culture and environment of Abu Dhabi.

He also published an article, “The First International Abu Dhabi Symposium” in the Middle Eastern magazine, Contemporary Practices, Visual Arts from the Middle East.

Seventeen international sculptors were invited to each make a large outdoor sculpture for the city of Abu Dhabi. The ADISS event is under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed and under the guidance of His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It was organized by Zayed University – a globally accredited university, in collaboration with the Salwa Zeidan Gallery – one of the most prominent art galleries in the country, with strategic partners such as the Municipality of Abu Dhabi and the Armed Forces Officers Club. These sculptures are the first to initiate Sheikh Nahayan’ s vision of a cultural city with artistic landmarks. This is the first collection of public art in Abu Dhabi and will be installed along the fashionable walkway of the Corniche for a year before being permanently placed throughout various parts of the city. The symposium also consisted of a series of lectures and panel discussions given by the artists at Zayed University for the students and community.